Reports From Your Merchant Services Provider: Timeliness, Transparency and Your Residuals

The majority of us like being compensated for our endeavors. Top shipper level salesmen are no exemption, and in Visa handling and the installment handling industry, these honors frequently appear as residuals.

With regards to ascertaining the particulars of those residuals, it’s generally expected the obligation of the sales rep to take a gander at the numbers and work out their own outcomes. Yet, how do you have any idea about that the numbers you’re getting from your vendor administrations supplier are right? How might you be certain white label payment gateway reseller   hasn’t unreasonably affected the outcomes, and you’re getting the full prize you’ve acquired?

The solutions to those questions lie in straightforwardness and practicality.


Straightforwardness shouldn’t mean a “information dump,” or a colossal document of data that requires a sales rep to turn into a bookkeeper. Crude information gives detail, yet expecting that it’s precise without affirmation may adversely influence your main concern.

Genuine straightforwardness implies that your shipper administrations supplier is giving you numbers in a manner that doesn’t need a bookkeeping degree to comprehend. The data you’re given ought to plainly show what was charged at the vendor level in every classification – and show how your portion of that income was determined. It ought to be organized in a manner that is speedy and straightforward, and you ought to have the option to plainly distinguish failing to meet expectations dealers – as well as spot those that are surpassing your assumptions.


The planning of your reports is additionally a significant component with regards to your residuals. Some dealer administrations suppliers send these half a month before when you are paid. Others may not make your report accessible until the day your check comes. In the installment handling industry, additional opportunity to survey is generally an advantage. Short timing can place you in a mash to survey the numbers, making it a test to guarantee you’re being paid accurately. Add to that the time it takes to survey things assuming you’re getting crude information (as referenced above), and you can rapidly end up in a difficult situation. Timing can immensely affect things, and tragically when it’s tight, it can bring about lost deals time- – or more regrettable, wrong lingering installments.

As may be obvious, your main concern can benefit extraordinarily when practicality and straightforwardness are all together, so it’s advantageous to audit how your trader administrations supplier piles up. Not exclusively will you benefit from additional exact residuals, yet it’ll likewise be more straightforward to adjust your ongoing deals endeavors, change how you cost new business, and work on your general return- – and you will not need to work two times as difficult to do as such.

Jeff Zimmerman is VP of Item The executives and Promoting at Clearent and has held administration jobs at Organization Arrangements and Intuit. Jeff brings 15 years of item the board, money and promoting experience to Clearent. Clearent is an accomplished Visa handling administration offering arrangements, for example, remote choices and following day financing. Look into how we can help your Visa installments administration and let us in on any inquiries you could have.

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